Failure of vaccine management

From Thairath, June 16, 2021
Title: Become a pair of targets
On man’s shirt left: People
On doctor’s shirt right: Doctors. Hospitals.
Vaccine needles from top-bottom: Failure of vaccine management; Blame the doctors and throw the responsibility away; Take benefits
On hands from top-bottom: CCSA; MOPH; Government
PM Prayuth at bottom: Listen to me; Believe me; I have never lied
Phi Nooring: People get risks.
Mouse: Live with being scared

[The country is now facing an uncertain vaccine allocation. People have had their their vaccination appointments cancelled and the hospitals have received strong complaints from the public. To make things worst, when the problems occur, those who are in charge of vaccine management including the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), and the government, denied their responsibility and blamed others.]

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