Failure of Democracy

From Thairath, May 13, 2020
Title: 120 years of birth anniversary of Pridi Banomyong
On the sign close to skulls: Ratchaprasong [referring to the deaths that occurred during the clearance of the Red Shirt protests in 2010]

[Refers to 120 years of anniversary of the birth of Pridi Banomyong who was a former PM and statesman. He was one of the leaders of the 1932 coup. He has often been extolled as the only true hope of democracy in Thailand in the twentieth century and was hounded from office and the country, dying in exile.
At right Pridi hovers over the marker that memorialized the 1932. This marker mysteriously vanished along with other reminders of the 1932 coup in recent years.
In the center of the cartoon, a tank is blowing up Democracy Monument to symbolize the long involvement of the military in what can only be called Thailand’s pseudo-democaries and dictatorships over the decades since the 1932 coup.]

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