Fah loves Thaksin?

From Manager, March 14, 2019
People: Fah will carry Dad to the parliament.
Thanathorn: I will carry Dad back home.
Caption: Do those “Fah” people know who they are [really] carrying?

[Refers to Future Forward leader Thanathorn and his supporters.
A slogan supporting Thanathorn is “Fah loves Dad.” “Fah loves Dad” is a saying from the popular Thai drama. In it, a girl named “Fah” falls in love with a much older man, but to hide her romantic feelings to others, says “Fah loves Dad” as if the man is her father.
Likewise, Thanathorn’s supporters who idolize him use the phrase to express their admiration for the older and more wealthy man they wish to protect them and act in their best interests in government.
Thanathorn’s political movement has roots in both large families that supported Thaksin as well as in intellectual movements that seemed to underpin Thaksin’s political gambits (like the Nitirat Group).
Thus, critics have pointed out that Thanathorn must surely be acting on Thaksin’s behalf and would support actions to return him to power.
The cartoonist jokes that Thanathorn’s supporters, who refer to themselves as “Fah,” perhaps do not really know that the “Dad” they love and are sending to government is not Thanathorn after all, but Thaksin.]

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