Exposé on working at the Bangkok Post

UPDATE: Bangkok Post rebuts CJR falsehoods – Bangkok Post, April 17, 2015
…Heifetz, 28, presents himself as a courageous reporter battling the military and under constant threat, while failing to get support from unsympathetic editors and management. He thematically argues that this constant stress and harassment led to his “trauma” and flight from Bangkok.
Nothing could be further from the truth…

Update: May, 2015 CJR conducts “a broad review” of Justin Heifetz’s article, changes title

The original article: Pork, bullets, and the dismal state of journalism in Thailand – cjr.org, April 15, 2015
…Being the only non-national reporter in a newsroom like the Post’s is terrifying. It creates friction with Western copy editors who want bylines and invites animosity from Thai reporters covering the same scoops for a fraction of the salary. And upper management expects you to catch controversial stories, just like foreign correspondents for wires or big international media organizations. But you’re without any legal protection because you’re illegal. You’re disposable, expendable, a one-man team, and you’ll never forget it.
…Fry wrote in 2011 that she was infuriated that nothing had changed. The government official who had plagiarized his dissertation kept his job, and the Post still pretended to stand by its reporters. All these years later, I watch with frustration as the words of the military regime are reported without a filter on the front page of the Post—and Morison and Chutima prepare, again, for court in July.

The initial Post response: Bangkok Post statement – Bangkok Post, April 16, 2015
…What amazes us is that the editors of the CJR did not make any effort to contact us to verify this story. To obtain comment, they instead relied solely on the writer, who was going to write a story against this newspaper.
If this is the standard to which the CJR adheres, then I believe the CJR’s Board of Overseers needs to be made aware of the dismal state of how the CJR operates. The CJR should retract this story and issue an official apology to the Bangkok Post, Mr Heifetz’s former colleagues at the newspaper and indeed, to the Thai media, many of whom do in fact take considerable risk in the performance of their professional duties…

Also: Thailand: Drop Charges Against Phuket Journalists
…“The Phuketwan journalists are among the few who are still regularly reporting on the pervasive human trafficking of Rohingya in Thailand…”

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