From ThaiRath, February 13, 2011
The headline reads: The daily words by half-breed tongues – Exaggerated [meaning that claims people are making are overstated and not truthful]

Top left: Claiming that Thailand is staging complete war against Cambodia… [this is] exaggerated!”

Top Middle: Claiming that spying on Cambodian secrets means jail for Veera and Ratree for 8 and 6 years… [this is] exaggerated!

Top right: Claiming they are only using the steel pipe to make the preserved fish… [this is] exaggerated! [here meaning not telling the truth]
[This refers to Cambodian assurances that there are no soldiers or munitions at Preah Vihear. When photos were published of armed soldiers and men carrying ammo at the temple, Cambodia claimed the men were policemen inspecting the temple and that the ammo cases were pipes packed with preserved fish for them to eat.]

Bottom left: Cambodian history accounts claiming that 13 of their provinces were occupied by Thailand… [this is] exaggerated!

Bottom middle: Claiming that Thailand staged [started] the gunfire attack at Preah Vihear… exaggerated! [here meaning not telling the truth]

Bottom right: Claiming that the Thai military will be able to end the conflict… [this is] also exaggerated!

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