‘Evil Man From Krabi’ Concerns Grow As Tourism Minister Redefines Rape

Thai officials’ damage control in foreign tourist rape case backfires – asiancorrespondent.com, November 12, 2012
…The Krabi Police Comment video is 8.26 minutes of rambling by a cop who does not introduce himself and appears listless. He tries to assure whoever is intended as audience that he and his superiors and subordinates in Krabi police force are conscientious enforcers of the law–Thai law, he emphasizes.
He assures that “every case” involving foreigners is important and receives “swift action” and “good service.” He explains–twice–that rape cases involving tourists all happen after 2-3 am. In lieu of directly addressing the Dutch girl case, he describes a common tourist rape case like this:
“Someone doesn’t just rape [a tourist] out of the blue… The man and woman go together to have drinks at a bar until closing time, then they go off to do the thing that they do and in the morning a rape is reported to have taken place”…

‘Evil Man From Krabi’ Concerns Grow As Tourism Minister Redefines Rape – phuketwan.com, November 10, 2012

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On YouTube: The Evil Man of Krabi

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