Every U-turn bridge, ramp, and bridge is packed with parked cars
ทุกสะพานกลับรถ ทางลาด และ สะพาน เต็มไปด้วยรถที่มาจอด

(Photo: grahambkk)

Above: Fishing from a washed out bridge between Inburi and Tak Fa.

Entering Bangkok – October 30, 2011
From a reader commenting on the journey into Bangkok today by van: …The Asia highway…. well, the announcement that it is “open” is a bit misleading. It is possible to get through, as we did, but it is diverted to the south bound side in some stretches, and the north bound side in other stretches, whichever is the driest – also a bit scary because nothing is signposted or clear at all in which ways the traffic is now going. We did have to drive through several stretches of water about a foot deep. There were quite a lot of tour busses heading to Bangkok. I guess these are returning from ferrying the people out to pick up the next lot of passengers in the exodus from the city to the country.
All through Pathum Thani and Rangsit areas, around Tamasat University Rangsit campus, is really in a mess. Again we went through long stretches of water, but only about a foot deep. Only the south bound lanes are usable, the north bound lanes are lower and submerged. The place looks really ugly. All the rubbish normally neatly disposed of in the back alleys and tucked neatly out of sight has now floated out and is everywhere.
Cars, cars, and more cars. They are parked literally everywhere. Starting in Ang Tong north of Ayutthaya they are parked on every bit of highway that is slightly higher and sort of dry. Every U turn bridge, interchange ramp, and bridge is packed with parked cars.
On the elevated toll way the story is the same. Thousands of cars in every available bit of space. I wonder how the people got back home after parking their cars up there because most of the cars are parked a long long way from any ramp.
This town really is in a mess. You see the newspaper pictures and TV footage, but actually seeing it all first hand is still quite shocking…

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