Every applicant is valuable

From Manager, August 18, 2014
Man: Khun Leena Jung… please… don’t withdraw… It’s hard to find any applicants now… please…
On wall: NFA [National Reform Assembly] application
Caption: When needed… every applicant is valuable.

[Leena Jungjanja is a businesswoman and former candidate for Bangkok governor in 2004 (when she was disqualified for dancing while campaigning), 2008 (when she famously fell into a klong while campaigning) and 2009.

She ran for senator in 2014 and was barred from politics for five years for a campaign promise to lower the price of petrol to 20 baht per liter–something that is not in the purview of supposedly neutral senators. This also barred her from the National Reform Assembly.

She is the female version of the more common “boisterous Thai man.” This sort of person is an iconoclast who constantly seeks attention by opposing or criticizing everyone. Leena has attacked Thaksin, the Red Shirts, and now the coup.

This cartoon makes a joke of early reports that few people wanted to apply for membership in the National Reform Assembly, suggesting that the desperate assembly might even want a politician like Leena who no one takes seriously.]

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2 Responses to Every applicant is valuable

  1. Wiz says:

    6729 candidates for Reform Council with some well known figures

  2. Wiz says:

    On the issue of Reform Council: Trust Big Too as he has followed the footpath of Strongman Sarit

    So far, there are 2 committees of the 11 committees to handpick those Reform council which are the real controversy

    Big Pom (MoD) who is the head of political committee since has has a connection with ex Speaker Chai (father of Newin) – Big Pom also has a connection with Big Yoem (Gen Thawatchai – Chart Phatthana men – CRMA class 23 as Big Too) along with Mr Samrong who has become adviser of Big Pom … in fact Big Pom has connections to all political parties so he is the right man for Big Too to deal with politicians including those PDRC PAD and even UDD men.

    For People section, most are those KPT-PDRC men along with 40 ex senator faction and independent organizations.

    Furthermore, Mom Aui will be the one who deal with energy issue – and many of committee are the enemies of PTT men including KPT men on energy – expect the real showdown of Mr Norkhun (permanent secretariat, Ministry of Energy) + Kurujit (deputy permanent secretariat, Ministry of Energy) vs ex Senator Raxana and Mom Kornkasiwat who has become representatives of Thamma Issara Foundation of of Buddha Isara

    Even Mr Joy has abandoned Democrat men and Khun Korn (nephew of the late Uncle Chatchai) have joint the melee …

    However, the final decision to pick the ones who are to be Reform Council is up to none other than Big Too

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