Even you don’t believe it, you need to respect it…


From Thairath, October 20, 2015
Title: Mysterious thing… Even you don’t believe it, you need to respect it…
On the men: NACC [National Anti Corruption Commission]
[On the box is an oversized GT 200, the discredited bomb detector used by Thai authorities. It is on a stand normally reserved by a Buddhist image and the people are revering it as if it was a Buddhist image. The man in the center is Wicha Mahakhun, a member of the NACC.]
Left of GT 200: UK court ordered the owner of the company to be jailed.
Right of the GT 200: A producer and seller of GT 200
Phi Nooring: It’s a holy thing to be respected.
Mouse: Only good at bullying Poo [Yingluck].

[The cartoon illustrates the unjust role of the National Anti Corruption Commission (NACC) in dealing with former PM Yingluck’s corruption cases. It contends that they are unable to take fair action against the military for buying patently fake GT 200 bomb detectors.
The upside-down man represents the Thai military (and does it refer to a traditional representation of a ghost?). This implies that the GT200 was bought by the military and now the country is governed by a military junta. So, this case of corruption and malfeasance cannot be touched by the anti-corruption commission. The members of the NACC must revere the fake bomb detectors because the military controls everything in the country.
Revering the bomb detectors was also referenced in Lokwanee.]

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