EU shaking the bloody hand

From Thairath, December 19, 2017
Title: People who used to love each other enhance their old relationship.
On PM Prayuth’s shirt: We will do as we promise.
On the blood: Government from the coup
On EU’s handkerchief: Democracy
Phi Nooring: A lover who has changed.
Mouse: Don’t just talk the talk.

[Refers to the EU resumption of political contacts with Thailand. These were severed after the coup.
While elections are promised for late in 2018, and this is ostensibly the reason for the EU reversal of position, it is clear from the Thai political world that promises of elections next year are still being met with skepticism.
Other theories are that the EU has to resume ties due to China’s diplomatic inroads into the region.
The cartoonist seems to be lamenting this resumption of relations between the EU and Thailand. Much anti-junta agitation has centered around informing Thai people that Thailand is a failed state with no international friends.]

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