Enough Trees in Hell?

From Manager, May 17, 2013
Premier Yingluck Shinawatara: Khun Plod, is it true that bombax trees are in need in hell? There are not enough of them to climb in hell?
Deputy Premier Plodprasop Suratsawadi: Yes… The Prince of Death sent me an email.
Yingluck: Woo… ha… ha… ha… I survive. So glad… [meaning she will not be punished by having to climb the tree]

[It is a Thai belief that people who commit adultery in this life will go to hell after death and will be forced to climb the thorny bombax tree.
The Manager group has accused Yingluck of having an affair, so the joke is that she was afraid of going to hell and being forced to climb the bombax tree as it is said in Thai folk lore.
More of this sort of idea: The Burden of Being a Prominent Thai Woman–-and Being Called a Slut]

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