Thai Email Forwards

Thai email forwards: 500,000 baht - September 11, 2010
Wisarut notes about the above circulated graphic: That's the commemorate issue for the 50-year anniversary of the royal marriage in 2000. According to Wikipedia, only 234 notes are still circulating within Thailand - the rest are in the hand of foreign numismatists.


(Source: Thai email forward)

"Move past death experience" - August, 2010
These are part of a series of photos being circulated by email purporting to show some boys under a waterfall that becomes engulfed in a flood. The subject line reads something like: "Move past death experience"

(Source: Thai email forward)

(Source: Thai email forward)

(Source: Thai email forward)


Thai email forwards: Eggs and water - July 24, 2010

Nils points out: หากคุณขับรถกลางคืน ระวัง ไข่+น้ำนะคะ ("if you drive at night, beware eggs + water") ...and claims that a new strategy applied by roadside thieves now is to throw eggs at the windscreens of passing cars [instead of rocks]. It goes on to say that in such a case, you should not use your wiper because it will create a sticky mess that can impede your visibility by "up to 92.5%" (wow, wonder just how they supposedly measured that!), forcing you to stop and get out of the car to clean the windscreen, in which moment you'll get robbed.

Thai email forwards: Be careful - Persons in the pictures can kill you - July 24, 2010

A Thai-language email forward warns: ...
Do not let these people into the house... People in your house or you may die or be hurt fatally...
A joint assault of rape in Cha-am, Petchaburi many cases. A history of amphetamine abuse. Just come out of jail...
Please remind everyone to be careful not to house the workers do not know history. And who found, please inform authorities.

(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forward: AIDS pineapple - July 15, 2010
As we have mentioned before, someone is dutifully translating all these urban legends into Thai and circulating them with the immoral close: "PLEASE FORWARD THIS MAIL TO ALL THE PERSONS YOU KNOW AS YOUR MESSAGE MAY  SAVE  ONE'S! LIFE"

(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards - July, 2010

Above: A series of photos with Thai instructions on "How to eat Mangosteen"

Below: A series of photos of a opulent mansion claiming to be the home of the "Senior General of Myanmar" - However, these photos, which are actually of an Los Angeles mansion, have been linked to various world dictators as part of an urban legend.

(Source: Thai email forward)

(Source: Thai email forwards)

Thai email forwards: Fake Black Label - June 8, 2010
This email forward has a series of photos showing a raid on a shophouse where a Malaysian was arrested who was producing fake Johnnie Walker Black Label Whisky.

(Source: Thai email forwards)

(Source: Thai email forwards)

(Source: Thai email forwards)


(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: Red Shirt baht - June 8, 2010
According to this email forward, 100 baht notes (which are red in color) are being stamped with a message that reads: King Taksin was reborn in this lifetime as Police Lieutenant Dr. Thaksin Shinawatra, I pay homage to him, long live the King

This sort of claim is not uncommon of more radical northern Red Shirts. The bank memo warns employees not to accept any currency stamped in this way.


(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: Chula Hospital evacuation - May 12, 2010
This is from a long series of photos showing Chula patients in temporary quarters. Relentless bad publicity over the raid exposed leadership struggles at the Red Shirt rally site and brought the momentum of the protests to a halt.
The photo above
is captioned: This baby has upper airway obstruction due to a congenital disease. He has been hospitalized due to necessity of oxygen therapy. Surgery was scheduled, but now canceled. We do not know when we can resume our surgery again.


(Source: Photos from unknown sources circulated via an email forward)

Thai email forwards: "Peace of the Reds" - May 8, 2010
This email forward includes a series of attachments (a few of which are shown above) showing incidents of violent attacks by Red Shirt guards and followers on other. The message in the email reads: This is not to blame, but this is annoying. (We are not with the yellow shirt.) We bring this pictures to you as we do not understand the meaning of "peace of the Reds???" [meaning the Reds have always claimed to be peaceful] Whoever receives this mail please forward for others to the peace of the Red Shirt. It will be good if this can be forwarded around the world.

Thai email forwards: "Real monk... false monk... or crazy monk?" - May 8, 2010
This email forward has a series of photos criticizing the role of pro-Thaksin monks who participated in the Red Shirt rallies. Below are some of the graphics included

Left: Young Dharma practitioner
Right: Big mafia

Top: Blessing soldiers
Bottom: Conquering soldiers

Left: [He] has left lusts
Right: [He] is encircled with lusts

Left: Isolating
Right: Joining the argument

Top: Dharma light
Bottom: Karmic fire/burning [meaning something like they are creating more conflict and suffering and thus increasing the circle of deeds which further removes one from enlightenment]

Left: An unambitious life
Right: An despicable life


(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: Clash on Vipahwahdee - May 1, 2010
This email forwards features an explanation of the clash on Vipahwahdee Road.
The above graphic reads:
1. The smoke occurs from here
2. The gun smoking is from here
3. The soldier was shot from this area
4. and 5. The vehicle of soldier overturned


Along with this email is a shocking photo (unclear who the photographer is - likely David Guttenfelder) of the soldier allegedly killed by the "tomato police." This means that the police support Thaksin and will actively fight against the present state to return his family to power by force.


(Source: Unknown - Forwarded photo from a Thai email forward)

Thai email forward: "Today's Ratchaprasong" - April 30, 2010
Above and below: Part of a series of many photos, apparently collected from many sources, being circulated via email attempting to show how country people are invading Rajprasong.

(Source: Unknown - Forwarded photo from a Thai email forward)


(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: New gorilla - April 26, 2010
This latest Thai email forward shows a series of 7 photos featuring Red Shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan compared to gorilla photographs.

Thai email forwards: Maew Monte - April 17, 2010
[From an email forward. The link to whatever music this is based on was broken.]

FW: top hit music “Maew Monte—please turn your loudspeaker high for many to hear..this is enjoyable
I have no idea who composed this song. My colleagues at BOT spread the message. The music is cool with pictures that show the scenery of seashore in Montenegro. Turn on your loudspeaker for listening. I think the CD of this music should be sold out fast if it is introduced.

Maew Monte song!!!
Fight brothers and sisters, this is request from Maew Monte [Thaksin in Montenegro]
Residing close to the seashore in Montenegro
Sipping coffee cozily and having a big cake
Connecting with a video link to monitor Thailand, burning the homeland
[The Red Shirts are] Fighting for the Montenegro man through sunburn and rains
The man shows his children the Montenegro Island that he bought [Thaksin reportedly bought an island in the country]
An escaping fugitive, disgracing Thai court,
Today burning Thailand to destruction
The picture that shows red shirts who become weak and the picture of Thaksin holding
Hands with Pinthongta and cheerfully smile
The picture of the red shirts who bear the heat on the street
And Thaksin’s children--Oak and Parthongtarn stay happily in Montenegro
Fight! Brothers and sisters this is the request from a faraway man
Fight continuously for the man in Montenegro
No fear of sunburns and rains
Montenegro, my daughter and son are fine
Continue to fight, but my daughter and son are fine
Bear the sunburn, but my daughter and son are fine.
Bear the sunburn, but my daughter and son are fine.
Bear the sunburn, but my daughter and son are fine.
You are to continue to be fools, my daughter and son are fine.

Thai email forwards: Rural buffalos - April 7, 2010
This cartoon (we do not know the date) from Manager has been widely circulated recently and cited as an example of urban derision of rural people.

From Manager, The Cartoon Obamark [the name being a combination of President Obama and PM Abhisit's nickname, Mark], by Bancha/Kamin
It reads: The Bangkok traffic regulations
Left: Monday-Friday for cars
Right: Saturday-Sunday for buffalos
[In Thai, being called a buffalo is an insult.]

For their part, the Red Shirts seem to relish their rural and unpolished country image.
From Truth Today, April 2-6, 2010
The caption reads: Abhisit…[you are] a heel!!!
[The word "heel" in Thai is used as a curse and pointing the foot at a person is an insult.]


Thai email forwards: 100 baht note - March 31, 2010
We are not sure if this is really a new note or just a commemorative one, but the email includes the message: 100 baht - The bank will soon issue the most beautiful one

Update: This is apparently a commemorative note from 2004

What happens if your Gmail gets hacked - March 23, 2010
This is the scam email that most often goes out from your Gmail account if the account access is compromised:
How are you doing? Hope all is well with you and family, I know this might be a surprise to you but I am sorry I didn't inform you about my traveling to England for a Seminar.
I need a favor from you because I misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel, my money and other valuables are gone including my credit cards. I will like you to assist me with an urgent loan of $2800 U.S dollars to sort-out my hotel bills and get myself back home. This is one favor I will always show gratitude throughout my lifetime.
I will appreciate whatever you can afford to help me with and I promise to refund the money as soon as I return home. Please do this for me and I will be grateful.
You will help me send the money through Western union, I have my passport to prove my identity.
Here are the details to send the money:
Receiver's Name: XXX
Address: 163 Marsh Wall
London, E14 9SJ, England
kindly help me to make the transfer as soon as you receive this email and once you have it sent, send me the transfer control number with the Receipt used in sending it.
Thanking you

Thai email forwards: Please note and circulate... Do not turn on A/C immediately as soon as you enter the car! - March 20, 2010
As we noted someone is translating all the hoary urban legends into Thai and circulating them. This week it is the Benzene Warning: Please open the windows after you enter your car and do not turn ON the air-conditioning immediately. According to a research done, the car dashboard, sofa, air freshener emits Benzene, a Cancer causing toxin (carcinogen- take note of the heated plastic smell in your car). In addition to causing cancer, it poisons your bones, causes anemia, and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure will cause Leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer may also cause miscarriage...

Thai email forwards: Beware March 18 - March 18, 2010
A scare-mongering Thai-language email being widely forward this week:

Subject: FW: breaking news!!!!!
Care for each other and do not neglect this.
12-14 was nothing to worry much. But the real day is actually March 18.
They are waiting to gang up on the people for sure. This news came from a lady who is a parent [of someone involved].
...definitely the three pals [the three Red Shirt leaders] are seeking to revenge. For importantly because the USA will blacklist Thaksin as a terrorist.
Do not leave home during the night in the evening.

(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: "Beware!!!! Red and yellow are now on the way to fight!" - March 16, 2010

This email forward shows some Japanese graphics of red and yellow superheros approaching with the subject line warning: "Beware!!!! Red and yellow are now on the way to fight."

After one scrolls down, it says "and then" next to the photo to the right.

(Source: Thai email forward)

(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai emails forwards: Father - February 19, 2010
The words read: Father says… [Father refers to His Majesty the King] any self-creation or nation building takes time and perseverance. Father says to be patient… Be patient…and never fail to make good things
[The graphic is from a photo showing HM King sitting down among officials during a visit to rural areas.]

Thai email forwards: DEADLY WINGS !! - February 13, 2010
[Someone is systematically translating and introducing urban legends from English into the Thai world. This week it is the chicken wings urban legend:]

Chicken Wings - Its Dangerous
Avoid eating chicken wings frequently - ladies, especially; a true story...!
A friend of mine recently had a growth in her womb and she underwent an operation to remove the.
The cyst removed was filled with a dark colored blood. She thought that she would be recovered after the surgery but! She was terribly wrong...

(Source: Thai email forwards)

Thai email forwards: For our father - January 22, 2010
According to this email forward, this billboard is somewhere along Bangna-Trad expressway and reads: This life can’t go anywhere. [referring to the yellow and red shirts represented by a yellow and red stop light]
For our father [the king] - Please let’s have our country move on

(Source: Thai email forwards)

Thai email forwards: Falling under the Skytrain - January 22, 2010
This email forward contains a series of 12 screen shots showing a lady falling under the Skytrain earlier this week and the aftermath.

(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: Odd man out - December 30, 2009
Students from Suan Kulaap Vitayalai School on sports day created a a series of card stunt images. Above is Hun Sen and Thaksin with Abhisit being pushed away. Below is Newin and Abhisit with Thaksin being pushed away.

(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: Variants on the Que sera sera ad - October 14, 2009
More on the super cute Thai commercial, 'Que Sera Sera,': This email forward based on the song from the ad that parodies the lack of salary increases and bonuses this year:

Que sera sera (music from the Thai insurance ads) music for people to eat salary.

Que sera sera

When I was a just a little staff
I asked Ma-nager what will I be
Will "salary up"
Will I be rich
Here's what she(he) said to me
Que sera sera
Salary will not increase!!
The Future's not ours to see.....
Que Sera Sera
When I was a just a little staff
I asked Ma-nager what will I be
Will "bonus better"
Will I be rich
Here's what she(he) said to me
Que sera sera
The bonus may not be paid!!!!!
The Future's not ours to see.....
She(he) says "Sorry" to me

just for fun and making you laugh ;)

Earlier: Steve points out that the Thai commercial, 'Que Sera Sera,' was voted one of the best tv commercials on YouTube.


(Source: Thai email forward)

Thai email forwards: Weera - September, 2009
This email points out a past incident involving one of the Red Shirt leaders, Weera Musikapong.
It reads: The source revealed the event when Weera Musikapong was reading his speech requesting HM King’s amnesty after the alleged lese majeste case in front of HM King’s picture at the parliament in August, 1986. His remission was royally granted on July 23, 1988...

Thai email forwards: People warned against forwarding PM's doctored audio clip - The Nation, August 31, 2009
[Not sure under what authority they could do this. If is part of the new internet censorship laws or a potential defamation suit?]
...He said anyone was caught forwarding the clip could be arrested and subject to one year imprisonment and Bt500,000 fine...

Thai email forwards: "How to prevent stones thrown into your cars" - August 8, 2009
A phenomenon over the past decade has been the spate of stones thrown into car windshields from overpasses of from motorcycles. Sometimes these events has resulted in the death of the driver. Starting around Ayuthaya, the stone throwing has recently moved into Bangkok around the Klong Toey area and in front of Queen Sirikit Convention Center. Here is an Thai email forward giving advice about the attacks:

At present, there is news of gangs throwing stones into cars on highways in Thailand with an increasing rate almost every day. As we care for your safety, please take our advice when you drive.
1. If you can afford, have a transparent type car film placed on your car’s wind shield. Besides reducing heat, it will help absorb the impact of any flying object.
2. Most of the cases occurred at night on dark highways. If you have to use such roads, pop up your car’s high beam (when appropriate) to scan out for any bike coming to you from the front. Because the gangs often use bikes coming to you from the opposite direction and don’t show up their lights. Your high beam will help you spot the bikes and also will blur their eyes. And you should not be driving at high speed in this circumstance. Beware every curve you take, the gangs often pop up from road curves and hit you with a surprise attack.
3. If you spot an incoming bike, reduce your speed to 40-60 km (also give cars behind you a signal that you’re slowing down), the lower speed the lower velocity of the rock when it hits you. Depending on the traffic condition, change to a far side lane away from the bike.
4 If you get hit, do not panic, do not pull over or do not stop at the spot, the gangs may come to rob you at the scene. You must try to control your car and drive slowly to a safe place and ask for help.

Thai email forwards: Euro-style US money - August 1, 2009
We are not sure where these came from, but this is one in a series of purported new designs for US currency being circulated by email. It does not seem likely these are real designs, but designs based on European-style currency design.
Update: These are designs by Michael Tyznik from the amazing Dollar Redesign Project

Thai email forwards: More urban legends - July 14, 2009
From part of the email translated into Thai: DO YOU KNOW? Coke+Ajinomoto Can be Used to Rape Ladies...
It seems that someone is lovingly translating all of these urban legends into Thai. Thanks to Nils for pointing this out.

(Photo sent in an email forward)

Thai email forwards: Nothing is impossible - June 26, 2009
From a Thai email forward:
Nothing is impossible in life.... see
ไม่มีอะไรที่เป็นไปไม่ได้ ดูสิ
21 yrs back in his grandma’s place..?
21 ปีที่แล้ว ที่บ้านย่าของเขา
From one of the poorest family’s chair to the most powerful chair in the world.
Attitude leads person to any destiny. keep on moving
ทัศนคติ ชี้นำเส้นทางชีวิต   จงก้าวต่อไป
O - Originally โดยกำเนิด
B - Born in เกิดใน
A - Africa to แอฟริกา ไป
M - Manage บริหาร
A - America อเมริก

(Photo sent in an email forward)

Also: Obama election front pages in the Thai-language press

Romance of the 3 Kingdoms Thai-style - June 16, 2009

There are several email forwards going around these days equating the figures in the current political soap opera to TV and movie dramas. An earlier example was Harry Potter and the Red Blood Prince. This one is from "Sam Kok" or the Romance of Three Kingdoms. These are just three of a whole range of charActers linked to actual political figures.

The email forward reads: Today we proudly present “Sam Kok”, Thai version. See which characters belong to each other.

Above: “Cao Cao” - Thaksin = Cao Cao who is wise in all knowledge, but trapped in power, authoritative - Motto: “betray the whole world but never be betrayed” [This alludes to Thaksin's apparent urge for power and ruthlessness in trying to return to power.]

Left and above: Liu Bei (in Thai, Li Po) - Newin= Li Po, the great talented soldier who never loses, but lacks honesty and betrays his master - he was criticized by another great fighter “Zhang Fei” as “the man of 3 fathers” [This refers to rural political kingpin Newin who is know for his Machiavellian skills. He betrayed Thaksin by joining with the Democrat-led government and has been harshly criticized by Thaksin supporters.]

Above: Yuan Shao - Samak = Yuan Shao - He once processed greatness in the land, but without ability to lead the administration and holding tight to his honor and titles and not caring about others’ comments, he himself failed and fell from the powerful position [Refers to the unlikely rise of "retired" politician Samak to the prime ministership and his subsequent missteps and poor public perception.]

Thai email forwards: Quantum pendants - June 6, 2009
It reads: The Quantum pendants-the healing power for future world
The usage of the pendants is by wearing it and the pendants’ healing power will promote cell balance in human body. The “schelar” power from the pendant is natural healing power, discovered by Dr. Lee Kenny, who received national Science award from NASA and Dr. Tom Bearden, the schelar expert from USA.
Users’ satisfaction guaranteed by money return within 14 days
Health benefits such as increasing life energy, enhancing immune system, enhancing musculature ability, protecting DNA from being damaged, preventing electro-magnetic waves from affecting one’s health, increasing oxygen in blood circulation, provided that users have belief in the power of the Schelar energy.
More information please click and

Thai email forwards: "Tsunami hitting on July 22nd" - May 20, 2009
Email forward in THai and English being circulated now: “Hello there. I just wanted 2 let you know that please stay away from the beaches all around in the month of July. There is a prediction that there will be another tsunami hitting on July 22nd. It is also when there will be sun eclipse. Predicted that it is going 2 be really bad and countries like Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak), Singapore, Maldives, Australia, Mauritius, Si Lanka, India, Indonesia, Philippines are going 2 be badly hit. Please try and stay away from the beaches in July. Better 2 be safe than sorry. Please pass the word around. Please also pray for all beings.”

Thai email forwards: Old joke - April 25, 2009

Joke in English being forwarded:

Pinocchio, Snow White, and Superman are out for a stroll in town one day.
As they walked, they come across a sign:
"Beauty contest for the most beautiful woman in the world."
"I am entering!" said Snow White.
After half an hour she comes out and they ask her, "Well, how'd ya do?"
"First Place!," said Snow White.
They continue walking and they see a sign:
"Contest for the strongest man in the world."
"I'm entering," says Superman.
After half an hour, he returns and they ask him, "How did you
make out?"
"First Place," answers Superman. "Did you ever doubt?"
They continue walking when they see a sign:
"Contest! Who is the greatest liar in the world?"
Pinocchio enters.
After half an hour he returns with tears in his eyes.
"What happened?" they asked.
"Who the hell is Thaksin?" asked Pinocchio.


Thai email forwards: Harry Potter and the Red Blood Prince - April 24, 2009

These are part of a whole series that also includes Jakrapob Penkair as Bellatrix Lestrange...

ATM skimming - March 21, 2009
These photos have been circulating for awhile and started going around again last week when ATM skimming was big news in the Thai-language press.

Thai email forwards: Dream State - February 27, 2009
The latest Thai email forward is a 2002 Time magazine article describing an Islamic "Dream State" in Southeast Asia. It includes a Thai explanation in typical panicked tones. The subject line in Thai reads: Shocking Time magazine - new state from Thailand - stop the split

Thai email forwards: GoogleSiam? - February 10, 2009
Odd Thai-language email forward that directs readers to GoogleSiam.
It reads: Fwd:Sharing Google version Siam Valentine style included
I have just been introduced to the GoogleSiam. It is very cool. In my opinion, I think it is the special Google for Thais in deed, both its appearance and function. I would like to introduce you guys for trial
Log into it here.. Valentine style included
If I find something good, I will hurriedly bring it to share to you. When you guys log into the website, don't forget to forward to your friends and others. Do not keep it alone. Our Thai society has good things and we should share. Wish you great happiness on Valentine ^^

Thai email forwards: Bangkok Waterworld - November 15, 2008
Above is one of a series of graphics being circulated by email explaining the coming "Bangkok Waterworld." During the late 1990s, a similar rumor circulated and resulted in many celebrities allegedly buying property in the Chiang Mai area to escape the future flooding.

Thai email forwards: Recession is coming - October 4, 2008
This email forward warning about the coming recession has been going around this week.

Thai email forwards - September, 2008
It reads: Showing a fake 1000 note which is common now. You can check by seeing the number which will start from 8A and then finish with the number 1616 or 1617. So you need to doublecheck whenever you receive 1000 baht from somebody.

Thai email forwards: Secret PAD plan - September 9, 2008
From an alleged "PAD supporter," a Power Point presentation going around detailing plans for a new "Tai" empire.

Email forwards - September 6, 2008
This email forward has been going around since July. It points out PM Samak's attitude during a parliamentary debate where he could not resist showing his disinterest in the proceedings by folding a paper crane.

It reads: Let’s take a glance at what Prime Minister Samak does while participating in the Parliament debate!

1. Fold up paper for the base

2. Make the body for the bird

3. Do the wings

4. Put eye dots

5. Make the stand

6. Attach to the base

7. Check for tidiness

8. Install crane for display

9. Enjoy!

“Our country…”

Dangerous phone number - August 25, 2008
[Is this an urban legend or true?]
Urgent announcement from CAT - We are prohibited to answer a call from a phone number beginning with the ten-digit 8223658232.
CAT Headquarters says that people should not receive a call from such number as it is a reverse charge call from Korea.
We will have to pay the charge if we receive the call. There are some groups which randomly call to the numbers with a monthly payment package.
In addition, CAT would like to inform that we also should not receive a call starting with either ** or ## and followed by a ten-digit number. Please be informed

"Intellectual property rights" scam email - July 26, 2008
Note this clever scam email going around now:

Subject: RE:angkor-Intellectual property rights (TO CEO)
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 21:46:21 +0800
From: lance chen <[email protected]>
To: info <[email protected]>
Dear CEO,
We are a domain name registrar centre in HongKong,and in charge of the registeration in Asia.We have something important need to confirm with your company.
We received a formal application from a company called "Brons Investment Corp" applying to register
Internet trademark : angkor
Domain names:
on July 24, 2008. During our auditing procedure we find out that the alleged "Brons Investment Corp" has no trade mark, Intellectual property, nor patent even similar to that word. as an authoritative registration organization, we have the duty to inform you this matter. If you do not know this company, we doubt that they have other aims to buy these domain names. Now we have not finished the registration of Brons Investment Corp yet, in order to deal with this issue better, please let someone who is responsible for trademark or domain name contact me as soon as possible...

This scam has been documented in several places.

(Photo: Email forward)

Thai email forwards - July 18, 2008
From a forwarded email: PAD in Phitsanulok province has a meeting and agrees to join PAD in Bangkok on this Saturday.

(Photo: email forward)

Thai email forwards: Car cut in half - June 2008

(Photo: email forward)

Thai emails forwards: Join the PAD protest - June 20, 2008

This email going around encourages people to join the PAD rally. The writer said he chose the middle way before, but for this situation he rethinks and reconsiders what happened in Thailand such as PPP as nominee of TRT, Jakrapob lese majesty case, or the case of Noppadon for the map of Khao Preah Vihear, Cambodia. Thus he decides he must come out and choose the way with the PAD.

Thai emails forwards - May 29, 2008
It reads: (Pointing that the flag photo) This is not suitable. (Pointing at the doormat) This one is more suitable.

(Source: Email forward)

Thai email forwards - May 21, 2008

In the last couple of weeks there has been quite a bit of Anti-Thaksin emails going around in the same way these types of mails went around at the height of the PAD rallies in 2006--except that this time they are also in English.
Above is one of a series of photos of Thaksin and other football fans in England wearing Thai-flag themed scarves--the point being this somehow proves Thaksin thinks he owns Thailand.
Below is a snippet from an article being circulated in Thai and English about the photos of the Thai flag displayed at the Manchester City match with Thaksin's name on it. Very often sentiments like this can strike a cord in the Thai-language world, but sound more odd when translated into English.
As with the issue of people not standing for the Royal Anthem in movie theaters, it is often stated in these email forwards that these issues too important to be dealt with peacefully.

An Evidence Record: “Accountability” Has Been Missing from Thai Government Dictionary - “THAKSIN” on Thai Flag Displayed in Thaksin’s Football Match: “We Do not Know Yet Who Did It”! - Luksna Kornsilpa, May 16, 2008
To have one’s name on something is a means to indicate ownership.
Flag is an international symbol of an independent nation.
To have the name “THAKSIN” on Thai flag can then signify that Thaksin owns the Thai nation. To be owned is to be slave (see Longman’s dictionary), To put the name on the Thai flag and to display it in public can be a means to announce that the Thai nation are Thaksin’s slave.
That is too serious for the whole nation to accommodate in peace.

Thai email forwards: "Coyote" - January 28, 2008
Circulating this week are animated gifs with political figures' head on coyote dancers' bodies. Here is Banharn (right). Others in the set are Thaksin and Samak.

Thai email forwards: "Drinking Cold Water Causes Cancer" - December 19, 2007
Some one has helpfully translated the urban legend into Thai:
EFFECTS OF COLD WATER - It will slow down the digestion. Once this 'sludge' reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine. Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.
ถ้าคราบไขมันเหล่านี้ไปทำปฏิกิริยากับกรด มันจะแตกตัวแล้วจะถูกดูดซึมไปที่ลำไส้
แล้วก็จะเริ่มเคลือบลำไส้ของเราไว้ (ด้านใน) ในไม่ช้า
มันก็จะแปรสภาพเป็นไขมันก้อนๆ และเป็นบ่อเกิดของมะเร็งในที่สุด ดังนั้น

Thai email forwards: Thailand and London - December 7, 2007
This email with the subject line "Thailand and London" is being forwarded around...
It starts out with Thaksin saying "So….. I will come back to cheat the nation again" and continues with a number of contrasting photos, such as " House in Chaingrai - House in London" (above) and "Partner in Surin - Partner in London" (below). It ends with a photo of Thaksin in a football stadium saying " Don’t worry about me, I am fine here… Vote for my party a lot and then I will be back."

Thai email forwards: Admonition - November 3, 2007

In the latest round of Thai email forwards, this Photoshopped graphic of Professor Sunee Sintudecha accompanies photos of Thai celebrities having sex and other salacious topics.

The card reads: It is better to find something creative [or more constructive].


Thai email forwards - April 25, 2007
Above is an email urban legend going around. Someone has been helpful enough to translate it into Thai. More about the urban legend is here, here, and here.

Thai email forwards: Cute animals - January 27, 2007

Above: A series of photos showing a dog riding on the back of the motorcycle. Someone added "Help, help. I feel funny. I am frustrated."

Left: A series of photos showing the main characters from a Japanese television show being shown on Channel 9: Pan & Jame Kug

Thai email forwards: 2Bangkok history - December 6, 2006
Currently circulating are a series of photos from illustrating Bangkok in "1958-1964."

Thai email forwards: Lonely boy - November 18, 2006
Last week a series of photos of Thaksin in London have been featured in the Thai press and widely circulated via email.

"Ungent news Taksin acing in other person to come back to thailand n hard to tell it is him!!!" - October 7, 2006
Siam beheadings - September 27, 2006
Probably in Sanam Luang?

Thai email forwards: Urban legends - September 14, 2006

Thai Email forwards: "The Ultimate Thai Police" - August 10, 2006

Thai email forwards: Maximizing salad - August 5, 2006

Thai email forwards: Old ads - July 17, 2006
Download the zip file (512kb)

(Source: Unknown)

Behind The King - July 7, 2006
More candid photos from the June 9 Royal event. Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Super Maew! - July 1, 2006
Thaksin fans can download their Super Maew wallpaper (622kb)

Earlier: Superman stops the Skytrain!

(Source: Unknown)

(Photo: Email forward)

(Photo: Email forward)

The King's 80th - June 23, 2006
The latest email forward is a series of photos of shirts for the King's 80th birthday in 2007.

SMS spam - June 21, 2006
Possibly even worse than spam is SMS spam. From the email we have been receiving we know that several companies are offering to SMS spam Thai mobile phones. We will not help them by mentioning their sites, but will poke fun at their anguished English (below).

(Photo: unknown)

Thai email forwards: Procession photos - June 24, 2006
Also: News on the 60th anniversary of the King's accession to the throne

(Photo: suriya E.)

(Photo: suriya E.)

(Photo: unknown)

Thai email forwards: Candid photos of the royals - June 14, 2006
Some charming photos (130kb zip file) of the June 9, 2006 appearance of the Thai royals.

Thai email forwards: 1980's Thailand - May 25, 2006

Currently being forwarded are a series of scans (from what magazine?) of Thai pop culture in the 1980s. Here are all the photos zipped (609kb)

Thai email forwards: Cool fever monster - May 25, 2006
Above is one of a series of Photoshopped images being circulated featuring the cool fever pads that mysterious appeared in the northeast several weeks ago.

Thai email forwards - May 5, 2006
Above is the latest email forward going around. It is another version of the mermaid hoax.

Email forwards: Thaksin movie posters - March 20, 2006
Thaksin Movie Posters (432kb, zipped)

Lottery scam invokes royal charities - March 13, 2006
The latest version of the "you won the lottery scam": "William S. Paschal" ([email protected]) invokes Thai royal charities in a scam email.

Thai email forwards: The concerted campaign - February 13, 2006
For over a month now a series of anti-Thaksin emails have been going out from email addresses such as [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] Mainly they are reiterating Thaksin's past scandals and reminding readers of the totality of the "crimes" of the government. This weekend the emails started coming in English too.

Thai email forwards: "2553-The end of Thailand" - December 20, 2005
This Thai-language email forward that is a grab-bag of patriotic Thai fears--privitization, being exposed to competition, GMO foods, foreigners owning Thai land, etc.

Summary: 2553 (2010) could be the end of Thailand. This is an issue that every Thai people should know. This is according to the Nitipoom Naowarat's lecture. He works as a reporter and graduated from Moscow University. [He also ran for Bangkok Governor.] He does not agree with privatization of state assets.
The writer of the email read Nitipoom's column in Thairath and checked his forecasts said that his predictions came true.
Nitipoom predicted that Indonesian would separate into 6-14 countries. In 1999 Indonesian split into Timor and maybe in the future will split into Aceh.
The email goes on to explain that people worry about the future of Thailand that may be in crisis because of economic crisis, high cost of living, and privatization. Many things, such as land, may end up in foreigners' hands.
GATT and WHO will be in effect in 2553 (2010) and this means products will come to Thailand. People will order rice from Vietnam and garlic from the China and Longan from Korea. In 10 years Thai rice may be destroyed by GMO. How can Thai people survive?
In the year 2000 Nitipoom predicted that Thailand would split into several countries.
If the poor cannot survive, the state will not survive. It could mean the four provinces in the south may be separated.


Above: Nitipoom's campaign poster from the 2004 Bangkok Governor election - His website is here.

Thai email forwards: Manager spoof ads - December 17, 2005
Wmv file (4.70MB) of Manager's spoof of government television advertisements.

Thai emails forwards - November 21, 2005
You will likely find this email in your inbox this morning if your address or website is related to Thailand. It is a link to various methods of finding content from Manager including a link to the Manager's pledge to "return the mandate of country's ruling back to the King"

Thai emails forwards - November 19, 2005
'Want Thailand Back' - The writer sends the lesson of Argentina that went bankrupt because of privatization and suggests websites for readers to read and learn more.


Thai email forwards - October 14, 2005
Some examples of some recent forwarded emails going around. Above, someone claims that they received a fake bank note from a Bangkok Bank ATM and no one will take responsibility for it. Below, a widely circulated set of photos of the new Hong Kong Disneyland.

Thai email forwards - August 25, 2008
[Is this an urban legend or true?]
Urgent announcement from CAT - We are prohibited to answer a call from a phone number beginning with the ten-digit 8223658232.
CAT Headquarters says that people should not receive a call from such number as it is a reverse charge call from Korea.

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