Elite Red Shirts Bring Back a Royal Figure

From Manager, June 25, 2012
Under the photo of Thaksin: We will fight for Phra Chao Moon Muang
The word on the shirts of the Red Shirt leaders: Peasant [the figures include UDD Chairperson Thida Tojirakarn, Weng Tojirakarn, Jatuporn Promphan, and Korkhaew Pikulthong]
The cartoon caption reads: 24 June [the date of the overthrow of the absolute monarchy] – 80 years have been passed, this peasant group wants to bring back the royal figure to have power over the constitution

[Phra Chao refers to a person of high rank or a royal family figure. Some Thaksin supporters believe that, in a past life, he was royalty from a northern royal lineage whose name was Chao Moon Muang. The Manager Group has repeatedly mocked this belief with the image of Thaksin in traditional dress as in the photo.
The cartoonist alleges that the Red Shirts profess to be against the aristocracy while at the same time working on Thaksin’s behalf to rewrite the constitution so his governments will be immune from the courts and other oversight.]

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