Elections again

From Matichon Weekly, March 8-14, 2019
Title: Knowing each other well

[The cartoonist shows the perennial stereotypes of votes and politicians.
At left PM Prayuth makes the Thai wai to a country voter while secretly seeing him as a buffalo. Referring to a person as a buffalo is an insult and meant to show they are dim-witted followers. It has been used to insult Thaksin supporters, but some Red Shirts have defiantly embraced the term, refusing to be insulted by it.
At right is a rural voter who secretly sees politicians as a water monitor. Water monitors are thought to be foul and often fornicating beasts and thus referring to a person as a water monitor is something akin to calling them an “asshole.” It is often meant to show that politicians (or rulers in general) are base and dangerous reptiles.
These stereotypes are indicative of the cynicism with which many in society see the democratic process.]

From Daily News, March 14, 2019
Title: (Cause)… politicians… only!!!
On tub: Thailand
On water: Conflict

[This refers to the Thai proverb “paddling (a boat) in the tub” meaning “doing things repeatedly.” This is similar to “going around in circles.”
The cartoonist blames the never-ending cycle of elections and conflict (and, presumably, coups) on the actions of power-hungry, overreaching politicians.]

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