Election Posters for February 2

From top: The People Network Power Party; worthwhile…, protect…, prevent; pushing [for the establishment of] the consumer protection ministry (the direct-sale department);
Handwritten next to the face: If we don’t help each other, then who… will help us?
Krish-anong Suwannawong, leader of the People Network Power Party, the 1st candidate on the party list; Vote for the People Network Power Party; number 17

More posters from the February 2 election
The Pheu Thai Party; “Believe in democracy, reform Thailand”
The Bhumchai Thai Party increase incomes to and reduce expenses of every Thai person
No election posters for the Democrat Party
Yingluck Shinawatra, the No. 1 candidate on the party list
Election poster of the Chartpattana Party

From top: The Chat Thai Pattana Party; Banharn Silpa-acha, the 21st prime minister
Handwriting: Move past the conflict, joining forces in reforming Thailand; Vote for Banharn, the person who works with his heart; reform Thailand, [it] can really be done

From top: The Chart Pattana Party; Mr. Suwat Lippataphanlop; BKK, the city of sports; centers for all kinds of sports; On the election date, go to the ballot and vote for Number 1 on both tickets [one for the party, the other for an individual candidate]; Reform, transparent; Start Thailand from [number] one, vote for the Chart pattana; Med. Dr. Wannarat Charnveerakul, the party’s leader

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