Elder Energy – Suggest Policies

Please suggest a policy for the Bangkok governor to do on facebook.com/ElderEnergy. Don’t need to drill canals. Only provide a new better place for canal-side slum residents,  then the canals will be clearance. Elder Energy Group – facebook.com/ElderEnergy
People (left-right): Pramote Maiklad, former irrigation chief who played an important role during the Bangkok flood of 2011, Teerarat Chuamnat from Sorso Asa school for homeless children, Dr. Krisana Kraisintu who was given the Ramon Magsaysay Award and Professor Rapee Sagarik, former Dean of Kasetsart University and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture.
[This project is a from the Elder Energy Group that wants to propose policies to the new Bangkok governor. This group is established as a voice of senior groups. Its aims are to improve the potential of elder people and to be a part of society that drives the country. Many well-known seniors are part of this group.]

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