Ejaculating on the Prime Minister

Ejaculating on the Prime Minister - Manager, November 17, 2010
The word on PM Abhisit's face: Resolution of the party
The caption at right reads: The challenge of Terng and Newin

[This refers to Banharn Silapaarcha, head of the Chartthai Pattana Party, and Newin Chidchob, leader of Bhumjaithai party, who attempted to flaunt the prime minister's rules for ethical conduct for cabinet members running for election.
As the Democrats are now political enemies of the PAD, the Manager Group has been quick to play up Newin and Banharn's initial resistance to following Abhisit's rules (as demonstrated in this cartoon).
Here it shows the humiliation of Abhisit of trying to enforce rules of conduct on his coalition partners who are actually regional mafia bosses. Even the Nation newspaper was contending that the government coalition was becoming shaky.
The reality has been that in all of these cases the coalition partners have been forced to meekly back down and accede to the Democrats.]
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