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We Rebuild – February 3, 2011
Resource site for various methods of insuring a free flow of information. Of particular interest: Instructions for setting up a Dial-up Networking Server

Buy this satellite – February 3, 2011

Q&A: As Egypt Shuts Down the Internet, One Group Wants Online Access for All – Time, January 31, 2011

Top 10 Autocrats in Trouble – Time, January 31, 2011

How Do We Know How Many Protesters Came Out in Cairo? – FP, February 1, 2011
…They’re probably guessing. The most widely used method of counting crowds was developed by the U.S. National Park Service in the early 1970s and relies on three factors: the size of the space where the event occurs, the amount of the space occupied by the crowd, and the density of the crowd. Crowd density can vary from “mosh pit” close — one person for every 2 feet — to the more common one person for every 5 feet — your standard Tea Party rally. It’s nearly impossible to get an accurate count from the ground because of an optical illusion called foreshortened perspective that makes crowds closer to the observer appear denser than they actually are, so aerial photos are generally needed…

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