Editorial Cartoons: Yingluck’s Verdict

From Manager, August 23, 2017
Thaksin: Sorry Poo… when I wrote this slogan… I missed one sentence!
On the sign: Rice-pledging scheme 15,000. Thaksin thinks… Pheu Thai acts [black] Yingluck is jailed!!!

[Refers to the Pheu Thai Party slogan used during elections to emphasize to voters that Thaksin directed the party. “Poo” is the nickname of Yingluck.]
Also: Somchai unveils Pheu Thai’s slogan: “Thaksin thinks, Pheu Thai acts”
And the parodies: Thaksin Thinks, Pheu Thai Torches and Thaksin thinks… Prayuth takes action…

From Manager, August 24, 2017
Caption: Today…these two items will be sold out.

[Refers to tearful sympathy Yingluck invoked at a long series of public appearances in the North and Northeast.]

From Naewna, August 25, 2017
On the necktie of the large figure at right: NSRR [The Committee for National Administration under the Framework of National Reform, Strategy and Reconciliation]
On the shirt: [left] Invite all political parties to attend the meeting. [right] Reform the country and national strategy
Caption: The reason that the rotten leader doesn’t attend the meeting.
Headless person: I’m not going. Headless and now I still can’t find a new leader.
On the announcement: Recruiting [bottom] Party leader of Phao Thailand

[Refers to the Pheu Thai Party which does not have a consequential leader in the lead up to future elections. The party has also refused to participate in the junta-formed NSRR that is trying to make political parties to commit to codes of conduct in future political quarrels.
This cartoon plays with the sound of the party’s name; Pheu Thai (meaning “for Thailand”) and Phao Thai (meaning “burning Thailand”) which refers to the Red Shirt protests in 2010 during which places in both Bangkok and many provinces were burned.]

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