Editorial Cartoons: Yingluck Flees

From Manager, August 27, 2107
In black box at top: Funny economy by Ngao [name of column and cartoonist]
Top: 49 days to be the PM
Bottom: 49 years to be a homeless ghost (if she can survive until then)

[The cartoon notes that Yingluck entered politics and the public eye only 49 days before becoming prime minister.
However, see ended up going into exile to escape a court ruling that could have meant many years in jail.
The cartoonist compares Yingluck to a homeless ghost. This is a ghost who cannot be reborn into a new life as it did very bad things during its human lifetime. Thus it wanders aimlessly as Yingluck apparently will in the future.]

From Daily News, August 28, 2017
On the rice bag: Rice-pledging scheme
On bag held by man with glasses: Boonsong
On bag held by man in red shirt: Poom
On a sign above door: Prison
Yingluck: Can’t resist it anymore [cannot resist running away]
On her bag: Flee

[The cartoonist ridicules Yingluck for running away from the court ruling while other loyal Pheu Thai Party ministers who stood for their rulings, such as former commerce minister Boonsong Teriyapirom and his former deputy Poom Sarapol, now have to serve long prison terms.]

From Manager, August 27, 2107
Deputy PM Prawit: Hopefully, our merit we make will help us maintain power for a long time without any obstacles.
Caption: A big merit

[Here Deputy PM Prawit, PM Prayuth, and Interior Minister Anupong release a crab into the water in a traditional Buddhist merit-making ceremony.
Former PM Yingluck, who fled before a court ruling this week, has the nickname “Poo” (“crab” in Thai).
So this cartoon represents the suspicion that the junta made a deal with Thaksin to release Yingluck (let her leave the country) in exchange for a promise that Thaksin would no longer wield his Red Shirts against the junta and would not oppose further junta rule into the future.]

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