Editorial cartoons on the Turkish coup…


From Thairath, July 23, 2016
Title: It isn’t the same!
Left: Coup [showing the situation in Turkey where the military was defeated]
Right: Anti-coup [showing the situation in Thailand where the military was successful]
On man’s shirt: PDRC [referring to the anti-Pheu Thai protest group that agitated against the government]
On the shirts of the people in the cage:: People, Student

[On the left, the Turkey’s coup failed as people went out to support the elected government. In contrast, in Thailand, many people led by the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) supported the military overthrow the Pheu Thai government.
The men at the bottom right represent governmental officers as well as the justice system that supported the junta to fight against anti-junta groups who called for democracy.]


From Manager, July 19, 2016
A man on the left: Brother Tu… Brother Ten… let’s go out to fight against the military coup!
Jatuporn and Nattawut: No!… The funds to support us haven’t come yet!
Title: If Turkish people were like these two… the military coup would have succeeded.

[“Tu” is a nickname of Red Shirt leader Jatuporn while “Ten” is nickname of Red Shirt leader Nattawut.
The cartoon contrasts the recent events in Turkey with those in Thailand. As the coup in Turkey got underway, the people went out on the streets to fight the military and defeated the coup plotters.
In Thailand, the Red Shirts threatened bloodshed and separatism while the Pheu Thai Party boasted their followers had stockpiled millions of guns to fend off a coup. However, when the coup came, the promised resistance never occurred.
It is believed that the Red Shirts operate under direct command from Thaksin and are on his payroll, thus they cannot simply take a stand on their own, but must wait for orders from their boss.
The overall contention is that the Red Shirts are not interested in democracy, which already existed when their party, the Pheu Thai, held power. Instead, they are political muscle to effect a longer-term goal–the return of Thaksin himself to political power. Thus their actions after the coup are very strategic and conservative and are focused on the future goal of somehow pardoning Thaksin.]


From Thairath, July 23, 2016
Left: Thailand is now being isolated. Democratic groups hate military dictatorships…
Middle: Foreigner: Meanwhile, the military dictator groups also hate it because it’s shameful for dictatorships.
A man: How is it shameful?
Right: There is no dictatorship that drafts a constitution and asks people to vote on whether to accept or reject it. If reject it, they will draft the new one.
At the bottom: Sent by Nick Pongpoo SF [The cartoonist is giving credit to the person who gave him the idea for this cartoon.]

[This cartoon suggests that the junta is not so bad since they are allowing people to vote on a new charter.]

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