Editorial Cartoons on the Fake Cameras

From Khaosod, September 21, 2011
Upper-left corner: Very amusing box

From Daily News, September 21, 2011
Left: It’s easy to take care of Bangkokians.
Middle: What makes you say that?
Right: Right man says: All it takes is a “box.” Left man thinks: That’s a box without a camera. [referring to the fake cameras]
Sign below the box: We take care of you your whole life.
[This is the Bangkok city slogan that has been displayed on many posters to let the people know what a good job the city government is doing.]

From Thairath, September 22, 2011
Cartoon reads: Fake cares
Poster: We are prepared to care for you your whole life. For Bangkokians.
Off to the side: Nyah nyah!
[Another reference to the Bangkok city slogan about “taking care of your whole life.” As a reader pointed out in the comments, the cockroaches are used to symbolize the Democrat Party.]

From Thairath, September 26, 2011
The cartoon reads: Whether you’re good or bad, it’s up to you. Don’t blame ghosts! (The power of magic rice and fresh saliva)
On the ghost: Kill people!
On the camera: CCTV BMA [Bangkok Metropolitan Administration]

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