Economic suicides

From Thairath, August 27, 2019
Title: Thai people in 2562 [2019]
Left: People who don’t want to be poor
On the papers: Debts
Right: People who want to be poor
On the bag held by PM Prayuth: Stimulate popularity
On the bag held by Deputy PM Somkid: Stimulate the economy
On the papers held by people: The poor card [government-issued card issued to the poor]
Phi Nooring: Who said Thai people are happy?
Mouse: Economic slowdown

[This refers to the current situation in which ordinary people are facing an economic slowdown and higher household debt. Suicides are increasing including the current fad of people placing a food heater in their closed car (illustrated at the bottom left).
Depicting or claiming many economic suicides is a perennial talking point of pro-Thaksin/pro-Red Shirt media.
On the other hand, PM Prayuth’s government is spending huge amounts of money on schemes his opponents say are only to cement his own popularity. The beneficiaries of such policies have been criticized as not being the real poor.]

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