EC strips Jatuporn of his status as MP

EC strips Jatuporn of his status as MP – Bangkok Post, November 30, 2011
…”It will be tough to create national reconciliation now. This [disqualification] is far from normal. He had wanted to go and vote,” Mr Korkaew said.
He said a constitutional amendment may be necessary to get rid of the independent agencies which have become political instruments…

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4 Responses to EC strips Jatuporn of his status as MP

  1. Wiz says:

    Many PT men (ESP the House of 111) have considered Ai too as a loose cannon which could bring the real Downfall for PT men since his endless UDD movements have alienated so many Bangkokians along with the Southerners … so EC stripping is a heaven sent for Ai Maew’s enemies as well as PT men who hate UDD leaders.

  2. Werner kohrs says:

    Jes dis Man Jatuporn for MP is a Very good man I Like dis man very much

  3. Villager says:

    Wot’s dere to like? He most certainly isn’t in local politics to help others. The main gripe of people like Jatuporn is not that society is unfair to the vast majority of citizens, but rather that society hasn’t yet done enough for him. The nub of most Peua Thai and redshirt leaders is exactly the same as that of their worst yellow shirt enemies. They want you and I to add our collective weight to theit tawdry careers. Once that has been acheived, the ordinary voter will be pretty much ignored until the next election.
    I suppose you are tongue firmly in cheek anyway! 😉

  4. Villager says:

    Q: Who makes it in the redshirt leadership stakes? A: Someone who tried being a yellow shirt, but who found it didn’t provide him/her with enough power and wealth to suit his/her fantasyland self-expectations.
    Q: Who makes it as a yellow shirt leader in the long term? Someone who already has quite a few of the trappings of success that the redshirts begrudge.

    And then there’s the rest of us, who still retain some spirit of humanity inspite of the worst efforts of the two above parasitic samenesses.

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