Easy to say, hard to believe

From Thairath, July 28, 2013
Easy to say, hard to believe

Top left: The court ruled guilty, but asked Mom and she said not guilty
[On the left is Metropolitan Police Bureau Chief Pol.Lt.Gen Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, on his right is Thaksin Shinawatra pinning on his rank insignia. Reference is to Pol.Lt.Gen. Kamronwith who was investigated for misconduct for seeing Thaksin Shinawatra, a fugitive, in Hong Kong and publicly admitting his promotion was due to Thaksin and asking him to pin on his insignia for his new rank. After criticism, Pol.Lt.Gen. Kamronwit told reporters that he asked his mother, and not any other people’s mothers, and she agreed with what he did.]

Top middle: The rice is not contaminated, but should be washed before being cooked
[Refers to reports that mortgaged rice under the Pheu Thai government’s project was allegedly found to be contaminated with chemical residue used during the packaging process. Authorities denied the news, but recommended that consumers wash it before cooking.]

Top right: Inform the authorities if anyone has a lead on rice mortgage corruption; Whoever makes a revelation will be guilty for undermining the reputation of Thai rice
[Tied to the pole is Finance Ministry’s deputy permanent-secretary, Supa Piyajit. After she revealed information on the loss from the Pheu Thai government’s rice mortgage project, the Ministry set up a committee to investigate her conduct based on an allegation that her action may be driven by a political motives.]

Bottom left: Attach a chip on every rice sack to prevent corruption though even rice can disappear
[refers to the Commerce Ministry’s feasibility study to employ an RFID system to track rice sacks under the government’s mortgage project as a large amount of mortgaged rice has been reported of missing]

Bottom middle: Sold rice under the G-G trade but some 80,000 baht worth of checks were found
[This refers to claims from the government that they are secretly selling off the rice stockpiles, but will not reveal to who. This causes skeptics to accuse the government of lying. The skepticism is increased by the revelation that of the 1,460 received for rice in the government-to-government scheme, some of them worth only 80,000 baht–an astonishingly small amount for rice being sold to another government in bulk.]

Bottom right: Insisting that the Chong Cao clip was modified, then why pressuring the Big Chong Cao to resign? [refers to the audio clip of a conversation between Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Yutthasak Sasiprapha and Thaksin Shinawatra discussing how to control the country’s politics for Thaksin’s advantages]

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