“East Meets West” Exhibition

“East Meets West” Exhibition – March 3, 2011
Nils notes: While this art project was originally about Germans vs Chinese, I think most observations are true for “Westerners” vs “East Asians” on the whole… Like the example picture “Sunshine” in the two links: The Farangs rip off their clothes to enjoy the sunrays, while the Thais take out an umbrella so as not to get dark skin. 🙂

23 February-13 March 2011 | 10:30-21:00 – TCDC @ The Emporium and via German Embassy website
…East meets West” visualizes the cultural differences between Asian and Western thinking. Yang Liu’s works show how it is possible to reduce complex cultural issues of mentality to very expressive pictograms. The designer approaches the subject with humour and without judgement. Her exhibition was highly successful in various places in Europe and in China…

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