Each Dreams On Their Own

The cartoon headline reads: Each dreams on their own [meaning something like: Each dreams of what they want]
From ThaiRath, February 3, 2011
From left to right:
The poor dream about lotto figures [meaning that they dream about receiving the winning numbers for the lottery]
The people at the southern border dream of an end to the unrest
The vocational students dream about peace [because of the continual fighting between groups of vocational students]
Chaiwat [PAD leader Chaiwat Sinsuwong] dreams about the red shirts becoming their friends [this refers to Chaiwat offer to have the Red Shirts join the Yellow Shirts to topple the democrat-led government]
Tood-Too [mocking the nickname of the Army Commander-in-Chief] dreams of a coup [refers to the rumors, circulated by the Red Shirts, that the military wishes another coup]

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