DW: Thai PM losing grip on northeastern stronghold

Thai PM losing grip on northeastern stronghold – DW, March 7, 2014
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra faces growing opposition from northern business leaders and farmers who blame the government for rampant corruption and a botched rice price scheme…

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  1. %%% says:

    One for Wiz, perhaps? I have long known the Chiang Mai mafia was heavily-obsessed with hatching up dodgy agreements with Myanmar & Cambodia over oil exploration rights. But overhearing some of the boring rant on ASTV and Blue Sky, I’m guessing that there is an even bigger scandal bubbling away beneath the surface – that our oblong-visaged fiend and his horrible in-laws have been deliberately colluding with multinational oil companies – with such companies almost always being extremely dishonest and always being more than willing to work with profit-driven tinpot generals/dictators/populist tyrants if it ensures that they get very reasonable terms and guaranteed good exploration blocks. Now the opposition are probably somewhat pissed that they long haven’t had the chance to muscle in on those lucrative under-the-table deals themselves. Which is probably why they are somewhat pussyfooting around this issue. Indeed, the political opposition to the currant kleptocracy has always been rather too low-key to really work – and it isn’t hard to guess that this is due to yer man having learned most of his dirty tricks from previous shambolic governments. (Not to mention his time in Texas, down among the sage Bushes and other such couldn’t-care-a-toss republicans.)
    I guess quite a few people would like to blow these allegations up into something far more damaging than the rather tame allegations made by Suthep. There is a widespread feeling that the opposition is too interested in engineering the downfall of the tyrant for the sake of their own future profit. Such a pathetic cop-out strategy is totally unacceptable. I would be more than happy if I never heard the names of usual two infamous belligerents again. How can we really piss on both their days, I ask myself?

  2. Wiz says:

    Good to hear something I have never heard before.

  3. %%% says:

    555! That tells us a lot.

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