Dutchman shines spotlight on Thailand’s baby elephant trade

Dutchman shines spotlight on Thailand’s baby elephant trade – bikyamasr.com, February 23, 2012
…In an article titled Thai Elephants Are Being Killed for Tourist Dollars published in The Nation newspaper on January 24, Wiek said that the six elephants had been killed to get their babies, not for elephant meat and ivory as claimed by government officials.
He argued that the incident demonstrated that the trade in baby pachyderms was no longer just a cross-border business with Myanmar, but that poachers were now targeting Thailand’s own depleted herd of fewer than 2,000 wild elephants.
Based on his own investigations, Wiek estimates that two to three baby elephants are poached from the wild per week.
…“There are so many of these charities and none of them have proper paperwork for the animals, so we are trying to straighten it out a bit,” Damrong said.
The first two animal sanctuaries on Damroing’s hit list happened to be the department’s most outspoken critics…

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