Dusit Poll: Do people trust polls or astologers more?

Considering the disastrous performance of exit polling during the July 3 election and the continued prominence of soothsayers’ predictions on the front pages of Thai-language newspapers, one might assume Thais continue to put stock in astrology over polls.
A Dusit Poll released on July 29, 2011 surveyed 1305 nationwide and found:
Does the public rely more on poll results or astrologers’ prediction concerning political matters?

Not relying on either 45.52%
Reason: The results contain errors, it must based on paper evidence and other things for consideration, they can be an attempt to generate trends or beliefs in society, etc.

Relying more on polls 41.38%
Reason: There is a research approach that is reliable and can be proved based on answers by respondents.

Relying on both equally 10.34%
Reason: Despite the scientific approach, there are significant results in predictions.

Relying on astrologers’ prediction 2.76%
Reason: This science is accepted and exists since ancient times.

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