Dumping Money for Rice

From Thairath, August 7, 2012
Headline: Focusing on “To make satisfied” and “Correct” [“To make satisfied” means the government does anything to satisfy its voters. In Thai, the two words–“Thoog Jai” and “Thoog Tong” begin with “Thoog”, by itself meaning “correct.”]
The man is Commerce Minister Boonsong Teriyapirom.
On his jacket: Ministry of Commerce
On the money sack on the left: Increasing paddy rice prices
On the money sack on the left: Increasing farmers’ incomes
On the money sack pouring out money: Populism
Bold letters on the money pile: Paddy rice mortgage project
Left paper: Scandal of corruption
Right paper: 100 billion baht losses

[This is a rare cartoon by arch-Thaksin supporter and Red Shirt cartoonist Sia that criticizes the government. The statements in the signs held by the mouse men are blank–perhaps suggesting that, for once, the cartoonist cannot support the Pheu Thai and Thaksin’s policies as the extent of the losses and possible corruption becomes clear.]

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