From Thairath, September 23, 2011
The cartoon title: Dummies
Top left: Sgt. Chuey, a dummy sergeant, is used to threaten wrongdoers! [refers to the police statues placed around town]
Middle: Dummy Dhamma preaches with his foot. [refers to a monk named Kasem who appears on YouTube shaking his foot]
Right: Dummy inhalant is not a cure for the cold. [not sure what this refer to – likely a crime item about a thief rifling through women’s undergarments]
Bottom left: Dummy cabinet waits for their boss in Dubai to Skype his instructions to them. [refers to Thaksin addressing the cabinet via Skype]
Middle: Dummy lawyer writes laws for one person. [refers to the judges promoting actions which would help Thaksin return]
Right: Dummy position has a chair but no work. Sign reads: Government House cemetery [this refers to to government officials who are transferred to take positions in Government House that look good, but in reality they have no power or are “frozen”]

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