Dueling rice plans


From Naewna, November 3, 2016
Yingluck says: Prime Minsiter Tu [Prayuth] also did rice pledging. Why isn’t he being sued and charged like I was?
On the straps around Yingluck: Rice pledging was higher than actual prices; World market; Allowed corruption on rice pledging; Didn’t listen to any concerns. Loss!!; 6.7 hundred billions [670 billion baht loss]
On sign held by PM Prayuth: Rice pledging at 13,000 baht per ton.
Caption: So crazy..!!! There is much evidence [against her] but she still complains?

[PM Prayuth’s rice pledging policy is supposedly following market price with the plan to allow farmers to hold rice longer before releasing it to the market. The Pheu Thai policy price was much higher than the market and featured the government simply buying and stockpiling rice directly.]

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