Criminal cases depend on which party is in power

From Thai Rath, August 18, 2012
On the front of the table: CAPO [Center for the Administration of Peace and Order, later renamed CRES – Center for Resolution of the Emergency Situation. The man is Tarit Pengdit, Permanent Secretary of the Department of Special Investigation (DSI)]
Arrow pointing left: The chart from yesterday [these represent the legal cases filed during the Democrat-led government]
Top left paper: Chart of anti-monarchy plot
Middle left paper: Pressing a false charge of being terrorists against Red Shirts
Bottom left paper: Chasing and killing the Red Shirts
Arrow pointing right: Plan for today [these represent the Pheu Thai-led government legal cases]
Top right paper: Reveal the truth of the April-May 2010 events
Bottom right paper: Punish the persons who ordered people killed

[This cartoon shows how, since the May events when the pardon/amnesty moves were Thaksin were successfully stalled, that the government has gone on the attack in pursuing both the military and Democrat leader Abhisit over the 2010 protest deaths. It also demonstrates how the course of justice can change 180 degrees based purely on what political parties hold power. The cartoonist is indicating that the cases brought against the Red Shirts were false or biased and justice will be served by prosecuting those responsible for the 2010 protest deaths.]

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