Drunken, Beaten, Waiiing

From Manager, March 6, 2012
Left: [Chalerm says] I tried to help by getting drunk, but I couldn’t cover up the news.
Middle: [Worajate, head of the Nitirat Group, says] I tried to help by getting hurt, but I couldn’t cover up the news.
Right: [the gecko says] They should have tried my method. Then maybe they could have covered up that news. [refers to a “waiing jingjok” that was in the news recently]
The caption reads: Many groups have come out to help cover up news about the Wor 5 [the code for Yingluck meaning something like “top security”] at the Four Seasons.
[This means other sensational news items, like accusations that Chalerm was drunk in parliament, the head of the Nitrat Group being assaulted, and the “waiing” gecko have not been able to detract from the idea that PM Yingluck was secretly colluding with business tycoons and allowing influence peddling in the same way Thaksin once did.]

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