Driving by

From Arun, June 8, 2021
Inside the white box: Want to see a better life, please look to the right, sir.
Inside the box in the cartoon (a quote from PM Prayuth): “I love the people. I ride in the car and look out the window everyday thinking that how I should help people whom I see to have a better life without taking anything from them in return.” This is what the PM who is in the position for 7 years still can’t figure out. [meaning he cannot figure out how to make people’s lives better]
On the building from left to right: Government officers; Senators; MPs from the coalition parties; PPRP.

[Refers to PM Prayuth’s quote during parliament. For a leader to say he sees downtrodden people as he drives by is particularly tone-deaf. The cartoonist jokes that his coalition partners such as government officers, senators, and MPs from his party seem to have better lives than others.]

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