Dreaming of leading the Pheu Thai

From Thairath, April 9, 2018
Left, Sanoh: Boss, I dreamed of you being back to Thailand in an cool way.
Middle, Thaksin: Thank you so much, Mr Sanoh. However, how much confidence do you have about that, Khun Sanoh?
Left: I told you clearly that it was just a dream.

[Recently Thaksin predicted that the Pheu Thai Party would win the next elections again.
This cartoon references the intense interest in who will be the leader of the Pheu Thai. It is rumored that political kingmaker Sanoh Thienthong would like to lead the party, wresting it away from Thaksin and his goal of somehow gaining an amnesty.
The cartoonist seems to reference the idea that some Pheu Thai MPs pay lip service to Thaksin, affirming the party’s only purpose is to return Thaksin to power. However, in reality, they really do not want him to come back and block their turns at power.
At 84 years of age, this is likely Sanoh’s very last chance to lead a government. It is likely he would be welcomed as a prime minister candidate as he would never risk the existence of his government to force a charter rewrite and amnesty for Thaksin.]

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