Dream a sweet dream together

From Thairath, April 1, 2014
Cartoon title: Dream a sweet dream together
Suthep Thuagsuban’s thought balloon: Declaring a sovereign state; Cases on ordering to kill the Red Shirt dismissed; Case on occupying land at Khao Phaeng dismissed; the Insurrection case dismissed [Suthep is secretary-general of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC). These thoughts indicate the legal cases and charges that have been leveled against him over the years.]
Masked man’s thought balloon: (Forcefully) appointed Premier
On masked man’s shirt: A decent person [meaning the person who might be appointed as the next PM]
On money bag in masked man’s hand: Autocratic dictatorship
Phi Nooring: Will be Thai people’s nightmare
Mouse: Who’s the masked man?
[Holding the leash of the masked future PM is an arm with a quilted sleeve indicating it is Privy Councillor Prem and, by extension, the monarchy which the Privy Council represents. These coded references have often been used in pro-Thaksin cartoons and publications to indicate who they they think their real opponents are.]

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