Dr Thaksin gives an amazing insight into his City dream

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Thaksin gives an amazing insight into his City dream - thisislondon.co.uk, June, 2008
...Just now, my wife asks me to stay away and, if I have to go to Thailand, not to stay for long,' explains Thaksin. 'We have intelligence that there may be more danger.'
He has survived three car bomb attacks and six assassination attempts. 'I should be a man who drives around in a nice sports car, not an armoured car,' he adds with a smile.
...What about the reports of almost 3,000 killings in an aggressive offensive against drugs? 'Sometimes, as a leader you must have an angry face. In the past, I have ignored these allegations published in the Thai media, with whom I have no relationship. The foreign media has since picked them up and this is damaging. Now you are asking me these questions and I am happy to answer.
'These figures you have read are not true. They are figures created by the military. I was not a ruthless dictator. No. There have been investigations: The Premier League, for example, has ways of investigating these matters, I welcomed the Fit and Proper Persons Test for new owners for that reason...'

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