Dotted buffaloes against the blanket amnesty

From Manager, October 24, 2013
Jatuporn: Only having a dot and eating McDonalds doesn’t mean that you are not a buffalo. Don’t pretend like you’re progressive… Don’t forget that you’re in our barn.
Sign close to the dotted buffalo: The amnesty bill sucks
Caption: The owner must subdue (the dotted buffalo)…

[This refers to a Red Shirt faction led by Sombat Boonngamanog, known as the “dotted Editor,” who opposes the blanket amnesty bill. As the Red Shirts were initially set up to protect and advance Thaksin’s political interests, the rise of independent-acting factions causes great anger among mainstream Red Shirt leaders who are trying to get members to support a blanket amnesty for Thaksin.
Recently, Sombat and other Red Shirts who oppose the amnesty bill vote gathered in front of a McDonalds at Ratchaprasong intersection to express their dissatisfaction. Jatuporn, representing the mainstream leadership of the Red Shirts, resents these offshoots who do not follow the party line.
To refer to a person as a “buffalo” is an insult meaning they are stupid. Cartoonists who oppose the movement often use buffaloes to symbolize Red Shirts. Here, Sombat is a dotted buffalo, meaning he is unusual because he is a Red Shirt member who is different since he will not support amnesty for Thaksin.]

More: All about detained Sombat Boonngamanong, a rebel Red Shirt

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