Don’t touch Thaksin’s relatives


From Manager, September 23, 2015
Thaksin’s son, Oak Panthongtae: Don’t forget, Dad… If I’m not happy, you don’t even think about being happy!
On the newspaper: [yellow] DSI considers investigating Oak [white] Krungthai case.

[Refers to the Department of Special Investigation (DSI)’s investigation of Thaksin’s son Panthongtae, whose nickname is Oak, in case of money laundering. This involved the government, then under Thaksin’s control, pressuring Krungthai Bank to make billion baht loads to developer Krisdamahanankorn as a way of rewarding Thaksin cronies. Several bank executives have already been sentenced in the case.

Typically, relatives of the most powerful men in the country are off limits to legal challenges. To do so would invoke the Thai imperative to strike back violently to assuage a loss of face. A previous example of this was the whistle-blowing against Thaksin’s wife (Would you dare blow a whistle at Thaksin’s ex-wife?).

The news that Thaksin’s son would be under legal investigation in the case indicates that the junta is willing to violate these taboos and face down Thaksin’s wrath.]

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