Don’t get distracted by marijuana

From Manager, August 13, 2019
Newin: Noo [Public Health Minister Anutin] is now making those people high with marijuana… Next, you must hurry to extend the operating service of passenger vans for rich businessman.
Saksayam: Yes, bro.
Caption: Don’t become addicted to marijuana

[Refers to the Bhumjaithai Party led by Public Health Minister Anutin (whose nickname is Noo) and political veteran Newin who is known for playing complex political games behind the scenes.
One of the party’s campaign promises was to promote marijuana for medical purposes. Transport minister Saksayam, Newin’s brother, is considering extending the operating time for passenger vans from 10 to 12 years.
This plan has been criticized as it only serves those operating van transport businesses and not the passengers. Van companies have come under harsh criticism for their spectacular crashes in the past. Thus, Anutin’s relaxation of regulations on the companies is seen as catering to big-money interests while the party distracts the public with their pro-marijuana stance.]

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