Don’t drop a bomb to destroy the people’s dreams

From Manager, May 31, 2017
Title: Don’t drop a bomb to destroy the people’s dreams
On paper held by PM Prayuth: Four questions which aren’t related to delaying the road map to the election
Papers around the ballot box from left to right: Democracy; elected government; a future which we can choose
On sleeves: Extend the power to stay longer
Phi Nooring: Destroy the right to dream
Mouse: Sabotage the future

[Refers four questions asked by PM Prayuth to the public. The questions were 1. Do you think you will get a government with good governance from the next election? 2. If not, what should we do? 3. An election is a part of the democracy, but if we focus only the election without caring about the future of the country and other issues. Isn’t that correct? 4. Do you think the bad politicians will win the election? If they will and cause the same problems, then what should we do?
All of this is a veiled reference to Thaksin and the political parties he controls. Essentially they are saying, “if a party controlled by Thaksin wins once again and immediately starts on trying to create an amnesty and rewriting the charter, then there will be another coup. If that is the case, then why have elections at all now?”
Many saw these questions from the PM as a sign that the junta is in favor of further postponing elections.]

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