Don’t build a bridge to Thaksin


From Naewna, January 13, 2017
Caption: The robber is still unrepentant. Why build the bridge to have this robber come back home..?
Left sign: The reconciliation bridge. Under construction.
Thaksin at right: Wake me once it already finished.

[The bridge symbolizes “Thailand 4.0,” the junta’s slogan for the Thailand of the future. In the Thai world, societal peace and harmony is the one of the highest virtue. Thus, “reconciliation” is often offered as a remedy to society’s ills. This sort of reconciliation means all are forgiven and no further questions asked. It is this sort of solution that pro-Thaksin forces have long pushed for.
The cartoonist cautions the junta not to reconcile with Thaksin and allow him top return to Thailand without any consequences.]

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