Don’t be so open about it

From Manager, September 23, 2019
Man: Because your mouth can’t be shut. If you don’t say it… no one know you gave money to the party for borrowing… now we are all in trouble.
Caption: If this party is disbanded, this is the thing that the party members should do.

[Refers to the current situation of the Future Forward Party after leader Thanathorn admitted that he lent around 100 million baht so the party could be in place to contest elections. This is counter to the intent of laws that force parties to raise money organically and thus prove their popularity. Due to this loan, the party risks bring investigated and possibly dissolved.
Laws governing political parties are likely to be strictly enforced especially as the Future Forward Party is both a vocal military and government critic and also is alleged to harbor radical opinions.
At far right is Pannika Wanich, Future Forward Party spokesperson. Her actions, both in the present day and in the past, including controversial gestures toward a photo of King Rama IX, also open her and the party up to further investigations. Even her explanations of her gestures toward the photo were not a denial of negative feeling, but an explanation of the context and reasoning of her actions at the time.
Thanathorn’s and Pannika’s statements are probably seen by some as needlessly forthright since they give their opponents ammunition to attack the Future Forward Party.]

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