Don’t be cruel, Thais

From Thairath, April 22, 2021
Title: Thai people! Why still stay ‘silent’?
On the papers held by people: Release our sister. Release our kids. Release our friends. Rights to bail out. Did nothing wrong. Don’t need to go to jail. Violate the constitution. Release our friends. Call for justice. Release
Papers on the ground: Call for the future; Call for freedom; Call for reform
Sign on the man with camera: Press
Word in front of them: Silent Thais
On the sleeve: Dictator; injustice
Phi Nooring: Everyone is the country’s future.
Mouse: Don’t be cruel, Thais.

[Refers to the anti-government group calling the public to support their campaign to releasing the student protest leaders who have been denied bail and are detained for allegedly violating article 112 (the lese majeste law).
With all the news from Myanmar and the serious resurgence of COVID locally, much of the media has forgotten the student protests that dwindled away as their leaders remain jailed without bail. Their continued detention is a serious issue for future protests as it discourages others from taking a bold stand and makes clear that the quick, sweeping changes that are being called for remain remote.]

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