Don’t be afraid, my leader…

From Manager, September 16, 2013
Somsak Prisananuntagul: Don’t be afraid, my leader… What you faced at Baan Phra Arthit was the toughest. People here are only good at using a razor blade to slash.
The man with the axe in his head is former PM Banharn Silpa-archa.
A man with glasses at the far left is former PM Chuan Leekpai.
A building is the Democrat Party’s office.
Caption: Still… continue visiting

[Former PM Banharn, recruited by the government to involve anti-Thaksin politicians in the Pheu Thai reform council, has been making high-profile visits to political parties and individuals inviting them to join this forum.
He met with Sondhi Limthongkul and Chumlong Srimuang, two leaders of the People Alliance for Democracy (PAD), at Baan Phra Arthit (which is also the Manager newspaper’s office). He also met with former PM Chuan at the Democrat Party office. Chuan is know as the “honey-coated razor blade” for his soft-spoken, but cutting remarks.
In both cases, the PAD and the Democrats rebuffed Banharn’s invitation.
To have such a high-level political player like Banharn call at the headquarters of his political peers is a sort of supplication and is supposed to show the seriousness of Banharn’s proposal. It also made critics wonder what promises had to be made to the normally unprincipled Banharn to undertake such a role.
The idea of the cartoon is that the rebuff he received from the two PAD leaders was much worse than the response from the Democrat Party which has a reputation for carefully worded, civil statements.]

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