Does Thailand need submarines?

Tom notes: You just posted about the Thai submarine purchase.
The following website lists number of submarines by country:
China 67
India 15
Singapore 6
Vietnam 3 (a more recent source lists 4 + 2 under construction)
Indonesia 2 (+3 under construction)
Malaysia 2
Thailand 0
While Thailand has zero submarines, Thailand’s neighbors all have submarines. The military’s acquisition should be seen in this context, which, to my knowledge, no one has raised in Thailand’s foreign language press.

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  1. Wiz says:

    Many of the local Thai nettizens who are also Military buffs said we badly need fleets of submarines … I can testify for that.
    So far, those highbrow media and naive intellectuals keep finding annoying reason to realize submarine fleets once more.

    Nevertheless, the local Thai nettizens who are also Military buffs still disagree which countries would provide submarine fleets as needed for Royal Thai Navy … and even Naval top brasses picking Chinese made one, the issue of QC by Chinese shipbuilders still a real bone of contention … as in case of the frigates from Chinese Shipbuilders commissioned during 1990’s have implied – need major body rehabilitation in 2010’s though. Sadly, other countries’ shipbuilders cannot supply submarines which can rival to Yuan class submarines at the competitive prices and comparable quality though.

  2. Patrick Henry says:

    “While Thailand has zero submarines, Thailand’s neighbors all have submarines.” – Not entirely true… Burma and Cambodia don’t have any submarines. I also suspect that most of the countries with subs don’t deploy them in the relatively shallow Gulf of Thailand. Purchasing submarines just because other countries have them is not a valid excuse. If Thailand is concerned that some of its neighbors have subs then Thailand should acquire anti-sub naval vessels.

    I suspect Thailand’s purchase of the subs, much like its purchase of an aircraft carrier, is more of a matter of pride rather than a matter of strategic defense of the kingdom… and Thai military pride is very expensive.

  3. Wiz says:

    Chinese media claiming that Yankee intervention is the reason why Thai government and Big Pom has to postpone the purchase of Chinese submarines derived from Yuan class

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