Do you know how to live?

From Manager, November 6, 2019
live . not . happy [literally it means “live not happy,” but the meaning is something like “restless” or “being disturbed,” sort of like a person is making trouble or cannot sit still]

[The logo is meant to imitate the logo of Future Forward Party. In the face of legal problems that threaten to disband the party and perhaps jail its founder, the party came out with a new campaign “live. not. stay.” This cartoon mocks that saying.
The Future Forward Party’s logo literally is “cannot live,” but it means something like “do not know how to live.”
This means that their actions are different from other political groups and that they dare to challenge the government. Saying that they “do not know how to live” is kind of sarcastic and fatalistic–because if they did know how to live they would join the pro-government coalition.
The cartoonist mocks their defiant motto by turning it into a saying that blames the party for making trouble with its provocations, such as when its spokesperson did not wear all-black in parliament during a mourning period.
Such incidents like these were not innocent gaffes, but calculated events that demonstrated the party’s commitment to its beliefs. Thus, suspicions about the party’s commitment to the current style of government in Thailand has resulted it being under intense legal attack. Had the party been more circumspect or subtle, it might have lived to perhaps participate in a future government considering its surprising popularity in its first election try.
The cartoonist’s modified slogan here means something like, “if you stand out, you will not be happy” meaning that Future Forward is a party that likes to cause trouble–even to its own detriment.]

From Manager, November 7, 2019
Left: Thanathorn: Yu. Mai. Pen. [a saying meaning he dares stands up for his principles even knowing he will metaphorically or literally die]
Caption: A nephew has a problem….
Right: Thaksin: Nhi. Hai. Pen. [meaning “learn to escape”]
Caption: ….Uncle has an answer.

[Refers to Future Forward Party’s leader Thanathorn who is calling on the public not to be afraid of the old traditional regime and dare to insist on change.
In the face of legal challenges that threaten to sideline his party, he launched a new campaign for public support to demonstrate to the authorities his popularity.
His new campaign is “Yu. Mai. Pen.” or “not know how to live.” This means that his party and its followers dare to challenge the status quo with a new kind of politics to fight against dictatorship–even knowing they will be destroyed for this.
The cartoonist notes that for all of the high-society billionaires like Thanathorn or Thaksin who insist their supporters dare to challenge and sacrifice against the Thai establishment, ultimately the billionaires run away to live in luxury in foreign lands while their supporters are left to face charges.]

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