Do High-Speed Trains Derail?

From Thairath, September 17, 2013
Left: Ai Joi: Ai Theng, I have good news for you. So many derailments now. Once it changes to the 2.2 trillion high-speed trains, it’ll be comfy and worry-free for you.
Middle: Ai Theng: Because high-speed trains don’t derail?
Ai Joi: Yes they do…
Right: …But the farthest South they’ll go is Hua Hin. So the real Southerners like you won’t have a chance to use them.
[The black figure is a character from southern shadow puppet shows or ‘Nang Talung.’ The character’s name is ‘Ai Theng.’ Using him in the cartoon means he represents the people of the South.]

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